BrüFrouFEST 2017

is not only the largest chef, craft brewer & mixologist pairing event in the country, but also the finest.

  • 2,500-3,500 Attendees

  • Sunday, July 16th, 12-5pm

  • Beautiful new outdoors location at redesigned Tivoli Quad right in downtown Denver

  • 130 top chefs, craft brewers & mixologists collaborating on 80+ unique pairings

  • 6 hrs. of live music with national touring bands including: The Mowgli's, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades and Zach Deputy

  • Unique, high quality merchandise vendors

  • Lawn games & tournaments


Reach & Influence

BrüFrouFEST hosts, elevates, inspires, feeds and entertains craft beer + culinary lovers with overwhelming curation and hospitality.

  • More than 2.5 million impressions on BrüFrou Billboards
  • 81,000 readers read media accounts  
  • More than 30,000 individuals visit 
  • Over the last three years, BrüFrou has engaged nearly 10,000 targeted craft beer + culinary foodies at the annual one-day event.

Recent Brand Partners


"They Like Us!
They Really Like Us!"


"After attending several festivals, I can honestly say that this was one of, if not the best event that we have participated in. It was very well organized and everything went off without a hitch."

"You guys put on a top-notch professional gig and backed it with awesome promotion and marketing. We were so honored to be part of it and couldn’t be happier with the response we received and the exposure and networking opportunities that it provided."

"An amazing event! Pairings were really good, vendors were nice, space was organized well - all in all a huge success and just wanted to let you guys know."

"Thank you for putting on one of the best and most organized tasting festivals. We had a blast and we can’t wait until next year!"

"I loved the event, the location and the atmosphere was perfect. We didn’t wait in any lines and the staff was extremely knowledgeable about both the beer and food. It was a very relaxing and delicious afternoon. I am excited for next year and to let everyone know about the event!"

"Just wanted to thank you for an amazing event. You did a fantastic job, and everyone I talked to had nothing but positive things to say. I made a number of connections that'll be useful, too."


Attendee Demographics


30–50 Years Old


50% $150K+  /  30% $100K-150K  /  20% <$100K


65% Married  /  35% Single


50% Men  /  50% Women


The New Tivoli Quad on Auraria Campus

  • Located in the heart of downtown Denver

  • 100,000 sq. ft. redesigned quad & event space

  • Direct access parking

  • Historic brewery backdrop

  • Public transportation hub


Sponsor Packages


Engage 2.6 million eyeballs30,000 online individuals2,500-3,500 onsite craft beer lovers, food fans, culinary foodies, and more than 120 top chefs and master brewers. Below are examples of Brand Partnerships ranging in price...

Contact us to discuss any of the suggested options below, or let us customize a sponsorship engagement specifically for your organization.

Presenting Sponsor

(1 available)

The Presenting Sponsor is our brand partner extraordinaire. Your top-tier, fully integrated custom experience at BrüFrou will excite the tastemakers & trendsetters driving the culinary and craft revolution across the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. 

The Presenting Sponsor will have overwhelmingly positive alignment with BFF.
Your unique, individual experience (Pavilion OR Backstage lounge/viewing area/dance area OR Branded marketplaces of vendors OR Other) will be a perfectly integrated into all aspects of the #BFF2017 event. 

  • Presenting Sponsor listed as, "BrüFrouFEST, presented by <YOUR NAME HERE>"  on event 
  • Area naming rights (Marketplace, Stage, or other area)    
  • Your own, unique, centrally-lounge or booth space
  • Logo placement on billboards, event ads, in PR communications, as well as, on the sampling glasses, coasters and t-shirts    
  • Logo placement and message on printed tickets    
  • Advertorial on and via social media
  • Inclusion in email all newsletters (distribution 5,000 and growing every day)
  • Inclusion in all collateral: website, newsletter, posters, flyers, etc.

Pavilion Sponsors

(Up to 4 available)    

Pavilion Sponsors will welcome thousands of craft beer & food fans into your brand’s big tent for a uniquely curated experience by integrating brand elements with festival-goers lifestyle preferences.

  • Unique, individual pavilion offering a lounge or marketplace experience 
  • Advertorial on and via social media
  • Inclusion in email all newsletters (distribution 5,000 and growing every day)
  • Inclusion in all collateral: website, newsletter, posters, flyers, etc.

Co-Marketing Sponsors

(multiple available)

Hyper-aligned Co-Marketing Sponsors enjoy the benefits of sponsorship without any cash outlay. Instead, your network of choice customers/members are just the target attendees we want to attract to BrüFrou. Together, we will grow our communities and extend our brands through cross-promotion.

Music Sponsor

(up to 3 available)

Amplify your brand as the BrüFrou Music Sponsor. Get out front and on our center stage with the legions of festival-goers riding the high altitude craft + culinary lifestyle.

  • Prominent stage signage
  • An opportunity to address the crowd from the stage
  • Backstage passes
  • Advertorial on and via social media
  • Inclusion in email all newsletters (distribution 5,000 and growing every day)
  • Inclusion in all collateral: website, newsletter, posters, flyers, etc.

VIP Lounge

(1 available)

Elevate your brand by hosting an exquisite VIP experience at BrüFrou. The VIP Lounge Sponsor will engage with 500 craft beer + culinary foodie VIPs through an exclusive, well-placed festival integration.

  • VIP lounge with your name featured
  • Large VIP lounge area with brewery + eatery partners sampling "extra special" pairings will be a well-appointed designed space with blankets, umbrellas, seating in and outside the main tent
  • Location will provide VIP viewing of live music stage 
  • Advertorial on and via social media
  • Inclusion in email all newsletters (distribution 5,000 and growing every day)
  • Highlighted in special VIP email mailings
  • Inclusion in all collateral: website, newsletter, posters, flyers, etc.

Brewery Sponsors

(Up to 4 available)

Brewery Sponsors represent the country's best of "Big Craft" and want to be sure to fill BrüFrou craft beer lovers’ glasses with your freshest brews. Be front and center at the largest craft brewer + chef pairing event in the country, as well as, on the dinner table.

  • Partner Pairing Booth Experience 
  • Central location in GA area 
  • Advertorial on and via social media
  • Inclusion in all collateral: website, newsletter, posters, flyers, etc.

Other Sponsor Opportunities

If you want to create fun, bring it! BrüFrouFEST will work with you to create an exciting and hyper-integrated festival experience for your brand. Give us a call. Let us create an awesome way for you to engage with BrüFrou fans! 

  • Photo Booth
  • VR Experience
  • Charge Station
  • Corn Hole Tournie/Toss
  • Big Wheel Race

Basic Requirements: Brand Partners must have high quality products/services relevant & interesting to the BrüFrou community, and develop a reciprocal social media strategy. All sponsorships include an appropriate block of event tickets.