Deliciously Frou-Frou at BrüFrou


The New VIP Area at BrüFrouFEST

  • Limited to a discerning audience of 500 culinary foodies

  • Exclusively offered to 20 local chefs & eateries will be featured in the VIP area

  • The all inclusive $125 ticket price targets audience most likely to patron your eatery

  • BrüFrou pays VIP eateries over 50% more (over the GA area) for your "extra special" one-bite dishes

  • Be part of not only the largest chef & brewer paired culinary event in the country, but also the finest!

VIP EATERY Partner Details

BrüFrou Provides:

  • Compensation to the Eatery (all VIP eateries are paid for every one-bite dish sampled to attendees—see chart above for details)
  • A variety of promotional materials
  • Eatery logo on Brü
  • Table, ice, sampling dishes, utensils & napkins
  • Menu with way-finding map
  • Dedicated BrüFrou onsite staffer to support your booth area (ice replenishment, clean-ups, general needs, etc.)
  • Special social media & event website posting with professional photograph(s)

The Eatery Provides:

  • "Extra Special" One-bite Dish (see chart above for example quantities)
  • Outstanding sampling service & hospitality to attendees
  • Knowledgeable core team members to converse with attendees
  • Event promotion to your customers (social media, website & email outreach)
  • Pairing Collaboration with Brewery Partner
  • Market Tent (optional) You or your pairing partner can use a branded or plain 10' x 10' tent

Note: In keeping with the BrüFrou value promise of showcasing the best local breweries & eateries, all companies must be owned, headquartered & have primary operations (including a retail location) in Colorado.

Past & Present Partners at our Culinary Pairing Events

A Picture is Worth 140 Characters

BrüFrou will visit every VIP Eatery, bring our professional cameras and the spread the word across our social media network & event website. No big photoshoot production, no muss, no fuss. We just pop in, snap some shots, easy-peezy, lemon-zesty-squeezy. Here are some examples of our recent photography taken at BrüFrou partner locations: